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    10 Don’t Miss Donuts

    Donuts. Baked or fried, iced or dusted, we’ve all enjoyed them at some point.

    A few years ago, the humble Donut got an upgrade, and became the latest ‘must have’ treat for weddings and birthdays. While the fever has cooled, the artistry certainly hasn’t.

    Here’s my pick of the 10 prettiest Donuts the internet has to offer.

    Winnie the Pooh! Oh how I love Pooh Bear. I favourite from my childhood, and now I can eat him. Not sure how I feel about that?! Sweet perfection from Camerena Cake Pops.

    So no one told you Donuts were gonna be this waaayyyy *clapclapclapclapclap* Could they BE anymore awesome? Perfect for taking a break (oh I went there), by Sayra Ordaz Cookie Art.

    Baked Carrot Donuts I have no idea what that would even taste like, but they look like absolutely adorable, so I’d sure try one! Freshly harvested awesomeness from Wilton P.s, they even have a tutorial so you can make them yourself!

    I mean, if you’re gonna go, go hard amirite? Overloaded (or upgraded depending on how much sugar you like!) do it yourself donuts from The Pioneer Woman.

    So BEE-utiful! Yes my puns are terrible, but you love me anyway. Classic Pooh inspired sweetness from Taartje van Lot.

    Absolutely beautiful. 10/10, no notes. Lavender heaven (and a tutorial!) from Vickie Liu.

    Oh dear lord. I don’t know whether this would kill me before I finished eating it, but its worth the risk. Shiny Chocolate and Red Velvet glazed gluttony by Crunchy Creamy Sweet.

    Its Seal drinking Bubble Tea!! This is not a drill! Almost too darn cute to eat magic by Vickiee Yo.

    Musk sticks, Pansies AND donuts. Yes thank you I’ll have 10. Floral fabulousness from the always fabulous Nectar+Stone.

    Last but definitely not least, you know I’m a sucker for piped flowers, and on a donut?! Stunning succulent sweets by Sweetlee Made.

    Got a favourite? Gonna have a try making your own? Let me know!

    Viva La Buttercream x

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