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    10 Magical Mermaid Cakes

    Picture it, Australia, 1989. Little Girls and Boys everywhere, watching ‘The Little Mermaid” for the first time.

    Minds were blown. Outfits were created. Unrealistic expectations of ‘Surf hair’ were born. And no one, NO ONE ever got out of the pool normally again!

    Flash forward to 2017, and the Mermaid craze is back full force. And I could not be more excited.

    I had the very great pleasure to create a 100% Buttercream Mermaid inspired cake Tutorial for American Cake Decorating and to celebrate, I wanted to share some of my favourite Buttercream Mermaid Cakes and Cupcakes!

    Check out these babies for inspiration, if you know, you wanna be ‘part of this world’. See what I did there..

    How stunning is this Metallic beauty from Baking Bro! The combination of Buttercream, wafer paper, and metallic topper creates such an elegant design.

    This all Buttercream Artwork, from the always incredible Ivenoven, is an awesome example of possibilities of Buttercream!

    My inner 8 year old is freaking all the way out! I want this cake then, and I want it now! Awesomely created by Gaby’s Sweetness.

    The master of truly extraordinary Sheet Cakes, Corrie Cakes showing us what perfection looks like!

    Its pastel, there’s a tail, bubbles, and Buttercream. I just wanna hug it. And then eat it. Truly beautiful work from Star Bird Bakehouse.

    Squeeee!! Mermaid Cupcakes!!! Sparkly awesomeness from The Cake Mamas.

    Ombré simplicity just melting my heart! Love this from Sweet Pea Tailored Confections.

    Textured Pink perfection from Syllabub Cakes.

    The perfect blend of Buttercream and modelling! Loving this pastel pretty from Sweet Peony.

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