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    Roadtest: Loyal Bio-degradable Piping Bags


    We all want to make the best decisions with a green conscious mind, but we also need hygienic, functional products, and when it comes to piping bags, the go to WAS clear plastic. I’m beyond stoked to say that one of my favourite brands has created BIO DEGRADABLE pipings bags!

    How do they work?

    I spoke to the people from LOYAL about the technical details, and here’s what they told me –

    Disposable Piping bags are favoured in the cake decorating industry and commercial kitchen for their ease of use and disposability means no cleaning.

    However, in the current climate against single use plastic we found ourselves at LOYAL Bakeware faced with the challenge of developing and selling a piping bag that fits the criteria to be environmentally friendly and disposable.

    The problem was to develop a bag that has the tensile strength to do the job, but ine that will also be environmentally friendly and disposable.

    The ideal would have been to have a “compostable” bag, made form sugarcane or starches. The downside is that these products have a weak molecular structure and would not be strong enough as a multi-purpose piping bag.

    So the next best product would be a “combustable” bag. This is the product we have opted for. By adding EPI technology to the polyurethane, it makes the bag OXO degradable. This means that under the right conditions, direct sunlight, and in compost, the bag will break down to a dust, which is then safer and more manageable for the environment.

    So why do we use the word Biodegradable? This word is considered a ‘generic’ word for any product that breaks down and is less harmful. It can be used for Compostable and Combustible products.

    It is difficult to completely move away from a disposable bag that is not plastic. What we can do is use plastic that is better for the environment by managing the way it decomposes.

    How do they pipe?

    They feel literally exactly the same as the old plastic bags. They handle the pressure of a full bag, both Royal Icing and Buttercream can stay in the bag overnight without the bag degrading, they are perfectly clear, so you can tell even the most subtle of shades apart!

    Where can I get them?

    You can get them wherever LOYAL Bakeware is sold! Including my favourite store, Cakers Warehouse!

    Viva La (Greener) Buttercream x

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