Bullet Journal: Sort yourself, AND have fun doing it!

Most people hear "planning", "organisation", and "calendar", and either giggle with glee, or run for the hills. But did you know you can be organised, AND have fun doing it? True story. If you haven't heard of it, I'm talking about Bullet Journaling. It can be clean and perfunctory, or flowery and fun, and anything in between. It was created by Ryder Carroll, and I'll let him explain it better.


Planning Your Way

I cannot stress this enough, if you don't like, or can't 'get into' the way you try to organise yourself, its not gonna work! I'm not saying that Bullet Journaling is perfect for everybody, but the flexibility to make it what YOU need it to be, is why I am a HUGE fan of Bullet Journaling. Here's an example of one of my spreads.

Crystal Weekly Spread

I have a fairly good memory, and a kind of 'system' to my day, that is second nature now. I use my journal, to keep on task things that I DON'T remember to do. For someone as busy as me, you may wonder how I only need such a small space for daily logging. That's because my regular daily tasks are now habit, so I only need to remember new, or super urgent things.

You'll also see that I have decorated a good portion of the page. For me, I need Art. I need to make it, I need to see it, even if its just picking a colour scheme for next weeks weekly log, at the end of a busy day, I can unwind with pretty colours, maybe do some drawing, and none of it is super critical, so its FUN.

What do you need to get started?

If you're a stationary addict (guilty), you'll be sad to know that you don't NEED very much at all. However, if you need me to tell a significant other that 12 Tombow Brush pens are essential to your work, I got your back Jack.

A Journal

Seems obvious that you need something to write on, but what can you use? You can honestly even use a kids school exercise book if you need to, it really needs to be paper, and nothing more.

For proper 'bullet' journaling, most journalers use a Dot Grid or Bullet Journal. They are getting even easier to find, as the popularity of Bullet Journaling as a craft, as well as planning, grows. I personally LOVE the Otto brand from Officeworks (although most pens show through or 'ghost'). as well as the Kaisercraft Dot Grid Journal, and their A4 planner (which isn’t dot grid, but I dig it)

Hello Autumn

A Pen

A writing implement is also essential, but what you use is ENTIRELY up to you. If you prefer Ball Point pens, use those, if you dig calligraphy nib pens, have at it. Be aware though, using ink in some books can cause 'ghosting', or the writing from the previous page showing through. Might not be a deal breaker, but it annoys some people.

I use a 0.1 felt pen for writing (mostly), and occasionally Tombows for titles.

0.1 Pen

Fun Extras

Here's where we cross over from "functional" to addiction, ahem, I mean "Decoration" *cough*

There are literally endless ways you can decorate your journal, if you chose too. Type Bullet Journal into Pinterest (and there goes your whole day basically). My favourites are Stickers, Brush Pens, and Die Cuts

Brush Pens

Brush lettering is HUGE right now, for cakes, as well as art. What better way to practice your brush lettering for cakes, than on paper? (that's how I sold it to my husband anyway)

You can buy all sorts of Brush Lettering pens, but for my money, nothing surpasses Tombows ❤️ 

Die Cuts

I really love die cuts. There's something about tiny pictures that just ends my day right. Personally, I like Kaisercraft ones best, but The Reject Shop has some really nice lines coming out.


I LOVE stickers. I bought myself a Silhouette Cameo, and I started making my own stickers from Pinterest pictures. There are STACKS of places online where you can buy stickers to download, or even for free! Just type ‘planner stickers’ into Pinterest, and cancel the rest of your day.

Pinterest Images


Welcome to my addiction

If you've read this far, you're in. If you want more information, some great sources are Pinterest and Instagram, including mine (shameless plug), and of course, I'm always happy to talk Journaling!

Happy Crafting, and Viva La (better organised) Buttercream xx

Viva La Buttercream - Bullet Journal Board - Pinterest