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    Product Review: Cake Tools by Cake Dutchess

    When I heard that my friend Etty Van Urk, aka Cake Dutchess, was creating ultra high quality, solid steel modelling tools, I could not have been more excited. Even as someone that doesn’t model all that often, it was obvious watching other modellers, that there was a huge gap in the market for strong, quality tools. When Etty listed the project on Kickstarter, I didn’t even hesitate, and along with thousands of others, backed it immediately.

    Now every manufacturing project, especially when designed from the ground up hits some snags and delays (especially when you are funding the delays yourself!), so although they are later than initially expected, they are here, and they are even better than I expected.

    About the Tools

    Made from solid stainless steel, these ergonomic tools are as hardy as they are comfortable, fitting easily in the hand. Each tool is double edged, featuring essential tools Cone Tool Needle Tool, Small Ball Tool, Dresden Tool, Knife Tool, Flat Tool, Large Ball Tool, and a Veining Tool.

    Is may seem obvious given that the tools are steel, but its worth noting that these tools are quite weighty. Not that this makes them uncomfortable, but if you are buying the tools online, you may want to buy with a friend to combine postage!

    How they handle

    As I said, I’m not much of a modeller, but I have used many different types of tools, and these are by far the best tools I’ve used. Personally, the extra weight actually makes them MORE comfortable, rather than grasping the tool like an angry Hawk, it almost rests in your hand without effort, so thats nice straight away.

    If your a bit “enthusiastic” with your tools (I’ve seen a few snapped Dresden tools in my Facebook feed!), these are the tools for you. Unless you are secretly the Hulk, there’s a really small chance you could break these tools.

    How much are they?

    A lot. Like really expensive, let’s not mince words. They are worth every penny.

    They work out about $AU114, which sounds heinously steep, but weight that against plastic tools, which likely cost about $10-$20 a set, and imagine how many of those you’re likely to break in the next fews years, and it starts to seem a much better investment.

    I have worked in retail for more than a decade, and I always see people buying the cheapest of the cheap, thinking they are getting a good deal, and without fail, they are back in no time, buying ANOTHER cheap replacement for the thing that broke/stopped working. Across pretty much every industry, including the Cake industry, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

    Should you buy them?

    If you model one cake topper a year, cheaper tools can probably handle what you throw out. If you are a frequent maker, or you model or sculpt regularly, than yes, absolutely. For the comfort alone, they are worth the price to someone using them for long periods of time. If you sit for 8 hours a day, you don’t want a hard stool you feel me?

    You can buy the tools directly from Cake Dutchess, as well as at an as yet limited number of stockists. Check out Cake Dutchess’s store for more.

    As I mentioned, I backed these tools and paid for them myself, I was not compensated for this post. Please consider supporting cake product Kickstarters and the like, not only do small creators come up with the most amazing ideas, they tend to fund them themselves, which is WAAAYY more expensive than you may think x

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