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    Grayson’s 7th Birthday

    Our little bear turned 7 a few weeks ago, and to my ever-loving thanks, he wanted a McDonalds Party.

    I assume other countries blessed with the gourmet stylings of McDonalds run these too, but if not, here in Oz, our local McDonalds’ have small party rooms, complete with Happy Meals, Icecream cake, and of course, a fully contained playground for your monkey’s to ATTEMPT to burn off all that sugar.

    Hands down though, the biggest plus to having a McDonalds party, is being able to WALK AWAY at the end. No cleaning up. Gotta love that. I mean yeah, we’re a bunch of Mum’s and Dad’s, so OF COURSE we cleaned up, but we didn’t HAVE to. We tried, we really did.

    What the heck is a Cuphead?

    So for the 20 seconds leading up to Grayson’s party, he was into Cuphead, a weird, Vintage like Video Game, where the central character, Cuphead, and his trusty buddy Mugman, run away from a bunch of badies.

    Sounds simple, but apparently its the hardest game around at the moment. I have no idea as Grayson has only watched the play throughs on Kids YouTube. Oh Kids YouTube amirite?

    I managed to track down some Cuphead and Mugman figures because I’m a sucker, ahem, awesome, and he was stoked.

    For the record, he is now re-obsessed with the same crap he was a month before his birthday * eye roll *

    The Cake

    I asked Grayson what he wanted, and thankfully he wanted a super basic cake. Hallelujah. Red and white striped, like Cuphead. Done.

    I used my Vanilla Sponge cake, coloured with Americolor Chilli Pepper for the red stripes, filled with Basic Buttercream. For the outside, I used a dash of Violet to lighten, and also Chilli Pepper, same as the cake.

    To create the stripes, I piped the two colours alternating, using tipless bags, and smoothed with a scraper. Couldn’t be easier.

    What I added, which he didn’t know about until the party, and was basically the only thing about the cake that the kids actually had any interest in, was the gold coin chocolates I hid inside.

    I’m thinking you collect coins in the game, thats some showmanship Mummy. Yeah they just wanted chocolate.

    I used a standard round cutter to cut a hole in the centre of the two middle layers, more than enough for a standard string bag of Chocolate Coins.

    Also, handy tip, attempting to cut a fresh sponge cake, with a blunt cake slice, in 37 C (97 F) heat, and NOT curse in front of 5-7 years olds, takes a LOT of willpower.

    The Goodie Bags

    Lollies start fights. You think bar fights are rough, take a bag of lollies home for just one kid. Seriously though don’t.

    I decided instead to create craft bags, as there was still a few days left of the school holidays, and I figured what parent wouldn’t LOVE more glitter. So yeah, I didn’t think it ALL the way through.

    I did however get a chance to use my Silhouette Cameo to create custom stickers for the bags. Awesome.

    The Topper

    I also made the topper with the same sticker, a little larger and printed on cardstock, and chocolate glued to some cocktail sticks.

    Remember that heat I mentioned before? Yeah, the topper took a faceplant. What can you do.

    The kids were so busy playing with their Happy Meal toys, they barely noticed the cake at all. They did however notice the coins.

    I called Grayson over to show him the cake being cut (after going to the trouble of stuffing the damn cake, I wanted him to at least NOTICE the coins!).

    His eyes light up, and he turned around and said “I have the best Mum ever! I love you Mummy!” , met with a chorus of awwwwws. Hand to God. Yes, his cheque is in the mail.

    What I Learned..

    • Never spend more than $20 on a Kids present, they have already lost interest before you finish wrapping it
    • Any party you can walk away from is a good one
    • Cake in Summer is the Devils work
    • Buttercream tastes so good, even off cardboard toppers. So I hear * cough *
    • Always save the scraps

    Viva La Buttercream x

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