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    Product Review: Metallic Edible Art Paints by Sweet Sticks


    If you haven’t heard of Edible Art Paint, come out from under that rock, and let me lay some awesomeness on you.

    Edible Art Paints are made by Sweet Sticks, an Australian owned and run company, that creates 100% EDIBLE, yep you read that right, 100% EDIBLE Food Paints.

    I had the very great fortune to receive a set of the new Metallics range to try, mostly because I pestered Miranda (the GENIUS behind Sweet Sticks), until she gave me some.

    So let’s see how they went!

    100% EDIBLE

    You keep banging on about that Kerrie! Yes I do, because its VERY important.

    There is a mass of confusion around the safety of food dusts and paints, and its a serious issue. In times past, decorative dusts and paints were used on items that were not intended for consumption, like toppers and Sugar Flowers, which were removed before the cake was cut, but now that dusts and paints are being used directly on foods such as Cookies, Cake Pops, and Buttercream, the issue of just what is “Edible” is more important than ever.

    Labelling can be confusing, as can the terms, but in a nutshell, items marked “For Decorative Use Only”, “Non Toxic”, or “Food Safe” should NEVER be consumed. These labels mean that while the product isn’t ‘dangerous’, it shouldn’t be eaten. It is worth noting that what might not be dangerous to the average person , might be very dangerous to someone with an allergy or a compromised immune system.

    If you are using the product directly on food to be consumed, it needs to say “Edible”. Edible Art Paints are 100% Edible, and thus they get my tick of approval ✔

    Cool, so they won’t kill us, but are they any good???

    DUDE. These paints are. so. rad!

    I tested the paints on fully crusted Basic Buttercream, and got a pretty much perfect result. The coverage was clean, no streaking, and most importantly, the colour was EXACTLY the same as the bottle. I would recommend only using the paints on Buttercream if your Buttercream is crusted, or fully chilled.

    The instructions clearly state that you need to SHAKE the bottle before and during use, because this does come premixed, so you need to keep it that way!

    I want some! How do I get them?!

    These paints are a must! An absolute MUST. No matter whether you are using Fondant, Buttercream, or Modelling Chocolate, they are in my opinion the best, and safest choice for edible metallics.

    For more information, and stockists, check out EDIBLE ART PAINTS BY SWEET STICKS

    Viva La Buttercream xx

    45 thoughts on “Product Review: Metallic Edible Art Paints by Sweet Sticks

    1. Will they only be available in Australia… we are in the Canadian backwoods and I would love to be able to get them… Thanks

    2. I’m confused. In your review this was stated “Labelling can be confusing, as can the terms, but in a nutshell, items marked “For Decorative Use Only”, “Non Toxic”, or “Food Safe” should NEVER be consumed. “The following paragraph was from the edible art website”Edible Art Decorative Paint by Sweet Sticks is a revolutionary product which is easy to use, quick drying and food-safe” I don’t get how it is 100% edible.

      1. They are made with only edible ingredients. I checked with Miranda (the genius behind Sweet Sticks), and she said she’ll fix the website because yes, definitely edible. Thank you for bringing that to her attention ❤️

        1. I used this product but the flavor was not too great. Am i supposed tto dilute it? It says ready to use just the flavoring left a bad taste in my guest mouths

      1. Ooh! My overall favourite Gold is Champagne Gold, it just tends to go with the palettes I choose. Second favourite would be Glamorous Gold. I also LOVE the Rose Gold, its not a gold gold, but its my overall favourite!

    3. I live in a very humid area. A chilled buttercream cake sweats before coming to room temperature. Do you know how that would affect the paint on the surface? Also how big of a cake would this bottle cover? I need to paint a 16 inch round gold.

      1. As far as condensation on the cake, you can get around that by putting the cake in front of a small fan to help it dry, but if its sweating a LOT, it might be best to keep the cake in the fridge until its ready to serve. The coloured paints dry faster than the metallic as well, so keep that in mind if you are having a lot of trouble with condensation. I asked Miranda, the creator of the paints, and she thinks probably 2 bottles would do it ?

    4. Hi. I can’t get to the cake show in Melbourne as im in western Australia. How can I get these before November? cause I don’t want to wait!!! ???

      1. Yes you absolutely can! Depending on how thick you apply it, one bottle covers roughly an 8″ cake. Its best to paint Buttercream cakes while they are firmly chilled. This can make it hard for the paint to dry, especially if its very humid. If that is the case, sit the cake in front of a desk fan as it comes to room temperature.

    5. I purchased some paint via Etsy. I would like to know, are they suppose to have a funny bitter taste to them? It’s. It’s not a very pleasant taste ?

        1. I too have an issue with a bitter taste. I painted some chocolate molds for a dessert order I have to fulfill and I happened to taste one and it’s awful!! Help!! Is there anything you can suggest to fix it?

          1. Desiree,I found that letting the paint set, the taste does go away, but if you tasted it straight from the bottle or just from your licking your finger (like i did =X) it does taste horrible. Also, i’ve tried diluting the paint and it didn’t turn out so great. little particles starts to form. But I do love these paints and will continue to use them.

            Hope this information helps!

    6. I have a wedding cake coming up and they want the metallic color on buttercream. What buttercream recipe did you use? It would be super helpful and they look like they turnout great on whatever you used in the photo. Thank you!

    7. Tried to use these this past weekend of white chocolate and it was super streaky and very thin. Could not use it on a drip cake. Not sure what the issue was since it said you can paint chocolate. Have you tried it on chocolate before?

      1. Yes, I have used them on Chocolate, and modelling chocolate with no issue. Did you shake them really well? The lustre separates, and needs to be shaken really well before you use it.

    8. Are these able to be used on glaze icing? I use this type of icing on cookies. It’s made of powdered sugar, milk, corn syrup and vanilla. Thank you for any help you can offer.

      1. I would say yes, but test a small area first. As long as a ‘crust’ forms, you will be able to paint on it. If it stays sticky, it won’t be able to be painted with a brush.

      1. I don’t, as I don’t make Macarons, but check the hashtag #edibleartpaints on Instagram, you’ll see some of the things you can do with the paints, including Macarons!

    9. Hi there! Can you freeze a buttercream cake that has been painted with the metallic paint, or does is there too much condensation in the thawing? Thanks so much!

      1. Strictly speaking you could, however, you would have to throughly wrap a cake you froze, it would probably damage the finish anyway. I don’t generally recommend freezing Buttercream cakes, as the buttercream will crack. If you need to freeze it. either freeze the baked cakes layers, or freeze it crumb coated. Either way, wrap really really well to avoid frost bite.

    10. HelloJust wanting to clarify that I could paint this on a chilled buttercream iced cake & then put back into fridge till serving? It won’t mess with the metallic effect?Also how many coats would I need to do for good coverage?Thanks

      1. You can paint on chilled Butteream, or crusted. It won’t mess with the effect, but the metallic paint can take up to 2 days to dry if you keep you cake in the fridge. A single coat will probably do it, although you could do two once the first coat is completely dry.

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