Moreish Marshmallows - Gelatine Free

Hi everyone! I have a very busy little bee in the test kitchen of late!

We all know I get a little obsessed with new concepts or recipes and until I've nailed and am happy with it, I bury myself until it done - and marshmallows have been oodles of fun.

It's not until you taste a home made marshmallow do we really understand how wonderful they can be.

I recently revisited making Moreish Marshmallows and it was interesting to note how many people refused to try them (what?!?) because they contained gelatine (boy was I surprised!) so hence started a new mission of nailing a gelatine free version that I was happy with.

And without further ado... say hello to Gelatine Free Moreish Marshmallows!! These soft pillowy mouthfulls of natural goodness were (and I say "were" because we ate them all) awesome! Even if they are a bit different from regular marshmallows.


These are created with Agar Agar as the jelly like product produced from plants. The end results is similar to the results achieved with regular gelatine.

For this recipe, I used a white powdered form. There has been some discussion around Agar sold in chunks or pieces, I haven't tried them as I was lucky enough to find the powdered form at my local health store. Now... brace yourself, as it's not cheap - a pouch set me back $19.95 however, as my recipe only uses 5grams at a time, this pouch will last me all year.

The trick is to ensure you have heated it well enough and storied it enough to thicken before adding it to the puree mix.

And second trick is to work quickly to pipe while the mixture is still warm.

The beauty of these is that you can use almost any puree you like, the berries I found worked the best. So far I have made them in Blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and blueberries. As these fruits were not in season here, I simply used the frozen organic packets from my local supermarket. You can do the same or use fresh if you can.


You can use almost any pipping tip you like, I was personally attached to the Loyal tips as they gave a great shape and sharp edge to the marshmallow. The 2D star was awesome as was the 6B Open star. And I loved the effect of the 172 Open Star!

Now, I am sure I have you drooling and wanting to make them yourself, so for the recipes, please Click Here to pop over to my website to give them a shot.

Enjoy! Let me know you go and ask questions, here or on the recipe, I will try and get back to you within a day.

Cheers, Monica <3