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    Why we need Cake now, more than ever

    Pretty much everywhere you look, horrible things are happening. War, famine, disease, cruelty, basically the worse of humanity.So why, when our world is so obviously  falling apart, should we care about cake??I’m glad you asked.

    How much is too much?

    As an online Cake Artist, I spend a LOT of time online. A good 90% of my online activity is cake related.Despite that, I am overwhelmed with images of bombings, stabbings, shootings, and horrific acts of violence. I should point out at this point, that I don’t follow any news pages. This is ALL coming via Facebook friends.

    The link between an increase in non combat related PTSD and social media use is real. Studies are being conducted as we speak, about the impact of images and videos of  a graphic and violent nature, on the mental health of social media users. This is a real thing, and it is SERIOUS.

    I avoid commenting, sharing, or engaging in any way, with posts like those I have mentioned. My personal Facebook page is filled with cake, with the occasional tid bit about the nonsense my kids have gotten into. Some have questioned my empathy, even my humanity, for not ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ these posts. I’ll tell you what I told them, I can’t handle it, and I won’t force others too either.

    “In the same way that if you eat fast food all the time, it’s going to be bad for your health. In the same way, if we’re viewing violent images all the time, I believe it can have a significant impact on our mental health.” – Dr Pam Ramsden, a researcher at the University of Bradford.


    Little known fact about me: I suffered PTSD and Anxiety many years ago, which manifests in times of stress. I suffered post natal depression after the birth of my eldest son, and I have had a mild and occasional bout with Anxiety since. It was actually caking that helped me heal. Having a creative outlet, as well as something to distract me, literally saved my life.99% of the time, I can function just like everybody else. On days when I can’t, I recognise that I need to give myself a break, and I do so. I consider myself a strong, intelligent, compassionate person, and I can tell you, I cannot cope with what I see on Facebook.

    So what does this have to do with cake?

    Cake heals. There’s no doubt of it. I’m not just talking about the massive hit of sugar, I’m talking about the feeling behind it.We give cakes for birthdays, weddings, parties, celebrations of life, love, and happiness. Its hard to think of cake, and to not think about a happy time in your life, like finally getting that ice cream cake for your birthday, or cutting your wedding cake with your soulmate. These are the feelings we  need to hold onto. This is what we need to share.So despite the worse of humanity, I will continue to focus on the best of it. My feed will always we full of positivity, love, acceptance, and joy, because THAT is the true human condition, not pain, or fear.Spread love as thick as Buttercream, and keep sharing those cakes, there’s nothing frivolous about joy.#makecakenotwarViva La Buttercream xx

    Help is out thereIf you, or someone you know is struggling with Mental Health, there IS help available:Australia: Beyond Blue – 1300 22 4636United States: National Suicide Prevention Line – 1-800-273-TALK (8255)United Kingdom: Mental Health UK – 020 7840 3012Please feel free to ad other accredited Mental Health facilities in the comments, especially for countries not listed xx

    Viva La Buttercream x

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