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    Product Review: Over the Top Buttercream


    Before we start, can I just say how stoked I am that premade Buttercream has come so far. Not so long ago, premade Buttercreams, or products like it (that shall remain nameless), were either tasteless, or so horrible, that on a cold Winter’s eve, you could still hear the ghosts of the joy that died when they were created.

    Now whether its all premade Buttercreams, or just the ones made in Australia that are knocking it out of the park (yay Aussie’s!), I couldn’t say. But this Australian made and owned Buttercream is kickin’ butt and takin’ names, for more reasons than one.


    If how your cake tastes isn’t your top priority, you need a stern talking to. You can always close your eyes if your cake is ugly, but a bad tasting cake will follow you like Blockbuster late fees.

    Thankfully, this tastes GREAT. It is a shortening based Buttercream, so it has a heavier mouth feel than Basic Buttercream, but not that eating Vaseline straight from the jar feel. Its not too sweet, and  it has a nice Vanilla Flavour. Solid effort.

    The packet does say that whipping it gives you a lighter result, so maybe if you are piping cupcakes you may wanna consider that, but I took it at ‘straight outta the packet’ face value. Because let’s be honest, we’re buying premade Buttercream for the convenience.

    Did I mention it comes in Chocolate Flavour?? *clutches pearls*

    You read that right, premade Chocolate Buttercream. Well that’s Saturday nights dessert sorted *grabs laddle*


    AWESOME. It pipes just like Basic Buttercream, and holds up really well in the heat (due to its shortening). Its also a crusting Buttercream (woot!), so you can paint it, texture it, and all the awesome things you can do with Basic Buttercream.

    I had the opportunity to pipe with this at a Cake Show recently, with Russian Tips, and it was HOT. The buttercream held up beautifully, piped great, and even when it got soggy (from lots of hands), it still held its shape when piped.

    Its winning feature?

    Check out those colours!!!

    Straight from the tub, in BRILLIANT colours. Which also blend perfectly, and take colour well too. If that isn’t enough..

    Black Buttercream!

    That’s right, premade BLACK Buttercream, and it has the same Vanilla taste as the White and colours, no weird after taste. Awesome.

    The Round Up

    Basic Buttercream will ALWAYS be my favourite Buttercream, but the convenience of a great tasting Buttercream, that comes in AMAZING colours, ready to use straight from the tub, is AWESOME.

    Ideas for getting the best use of this Buttercream:

    • Buttercream Flowers (which can be frozen for up to 3 months)
    • For a final coat of colour on a Basic Buttercream iced cake
    • Stencilling or watercolour splashes.

    It also says that it has a shelf life (unopened) of 12 months from date of manufacture, 3month after opening at room temperature, or 6 months in the fridge, so its ideal to have sitting around for emergencies. And of course, its made in Australia.

    Available at all good Cake stores, and Spotlight stores here in OZ. To my knowledge, this Buttercream is in no way related to the Over the Top Buttercream available in the US.

    Got a question I didn’t cover? Comment below and I’ll answer it!

    Viva La Buttercream xx

    36 thoughts on “Product Review: Over the Top Buttercream

    1. Hi! If I make cake and decorate then put in the fridge 1 day before, do I have to take it out of the fridge and leave at the room temperature for a few hours to soften before serving? Thank you so much.

    2. HiCan you add food Colouring to it? And which base would work better…. a gel based Colouring or just the liquid stuff?Thanks

      1. You absolutely can! Always gel or powder colour for colouring anything, the liquid ones not only tend to be a bit weak on colour, but they also add to much liquid.

    3. Hey thanks so much for this! I just wanted to ask, if i used the buttercream on cupcakes do I chill in the fridge for 15mins and then add decorations such as fondant etc? And what if i wanted to make them a day ahead do i keep in the fridge in a box over night and will they stay fine til i serve them? And if yes can they be eaten straight out of the fridge or better to keep at room temperature? How long would it sit at room temperature? Thank you!

      1. No need to refrigerate, Over the Top (and Basic Buttercream) is shelf stable, so it doesn’t have to be refrigerated. Basic Buttercream has about a week at room temp, Over the Top would be about the same, maybe a bit longer. If you do refrigerate, let it come to room temp before serving if possible, as it can chill quite hard.

      1. I’m not familiar with sugar sheets, but as a rule icing images are fine over buttercream. If you’re not sure, spread a little frosting on a cake board, and put a small piece of the sheet on it, and see how goes.

    4. Thanks so much for this Kerrie. It’s so refreshing seeing an Australian review on an Australian product 🙂

    5. Hi Kerrie,I have used this buttercream and agree, it actually tastes great and easy to work with. One question, can you add other flavours to this, like cinnamon, Lemon ect:. or will that not or work

    6. Can you tell me does one tub go very far? If putting it on cupcakes how many would you get from one tub?

    7. Hi, if I was to use this to make a cake (icing and decoration), and wanted to make it the day before, should I keep it in the fridge overnight or can I leave it on the bench at room temp? Thanks!

      1. Probably, but I wouldn’t recommend it, as once you add milk (or any dairy), you lose the shelf stability. If you plan on keeping it in the fridge then no worries, otherwise thin with water. Given as its oil based, whatever you add, you’ll need to give it a good mix to make sure it blends properly.

      1. You certainly can whip it if you like, but I wouldn’t recommend warming it, as its fat based and could separate. If you want to thin, do so slowly so as not to over thin. Its also better to leave it as thick as possible for piping flowers and borders.

    8. Hi Kerrie
      I am going to use this for a wedding cake. Do I pop in the fridge between crumb coat and last layer of buttercream, or between each layer. Also once cake is complete is it best leave in the fridge over night, or will it be ok in a cake box at room temperature. Thank you. Marie

      1. Hi Marie! I like to pop cakes in the fridge between coats, if nothing else to give me a solid base to work with. Its a shelf stable buttercream. so you won’t need to refrigerate the cake to store, but it won’t ruin t=it either if you choose to refrigerate.

        1. Hi Kerrie thank you for reply. I used over the top buttercream worked a dream. I stored the remainder in the fridge as directed in September 2022. I went to use what was left today and it is rock hard, how can I soften this back again to use. Thank you Marie.

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