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    Product Review: Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste

    I like to model from time to time, no not the ‘Zoolander’ kind, the rolly, squishy, make stuff kind.

    And when I heard my friend Etty Van Urk, the Cake Dutchess herself had made her very own Modelling Paste, I just had to check it out!

    I bought myself a tub of it to play with, and I have to say, as someone that normally uses a modelling chocolate/ fondant mix, I think I have found the best ‘off the shelf’ modelling paste around.

    It smells like Butterscotch for goodness sake

    Seriously. It smells like Butterscotch.

    Now while that might not much of a big deal to some, working with something that smells nice, especially if you are working with it for a few hours, just puts you in a better mood aimirite? Not to mention, it tastes great too.  Yep, its even good to eat!

    Roadtest: Pua from Moana

    Now my modelling skills are ‘developing’, so I wanted to make something to really give the paste a good test, but not drive myself crazy making!

    Following the advice of Etty, I printed a picture off the internet, in the scale that I wanted my finished product to be to use for scale, and set to work!

    The first thing you’ll notice about Cake Dutchess modelling paste, is that its HARD. Like rock hard.

    That’s because it has a high Cocoa Butter content, which is not only what gives it that awesome smell, but keeps it firm at room temperature, and makes it easy to work with.

    The trick to working with this paste is to cut off small pieces, knead them, then knead them together once they are softened.

    The other great concern with modelling mediums, is how does it colour? Perfectly actually.

    I gave it a test with a dusty pink, and also Black, which is notoriously grey in Fondant, and as you can see, brilliant colour, straight off the bat. I used Americolor Super Black, and Americolor Dusty Pink/Soft Pink, to colour the paste.

    Modelling Pua

    As I mentioned, my modelling skills are not advanced, so I wanted to keep it simple. I rolled an oval shaped blob, and narrowed it a little at the top. Using mini Sugar Shapers, I shaped the legs, as I didn’t trust myself to make tiny little legs that looked like legs!

    I rolled some little ovals for feet, and added little trotters, and of course his nose. I forgot to take pictures of his head under construction (it was the School Holidays, and the kids were “helping” me. I was on the edge man!), but you can get the idea.

    Once he was all finished, I gave him a dust, to add his little dark patches, and create shadow and depth. Little trick I learned from Zoe Hopkinson from Zoe’s Fancy Cakes!

    The Verdict

    I’m calling it, this is the BEST modelling paste available. Especially for fiddlers like me.

    It took me just on an hour to make Pua, between breaking up fights over Spiderman, and constantly fiddling with Pua to get the texture right, then fixing where I mashed his head holding him too tightly, he still managed to come out of it looking like a pig! Woohoo!

    It takes gel colour well, and dusts, and Edible Art Paints by Sweet Sticks. Basically, its a dream to work with, even if you’re a modelling numpty like me!

    Where can you get it? Almost everywhere! Its available direct from the Cake Dutchess, as well as Evil Cake Genius in the US, and Caker’s Warehouse here in Australia. You can check out the stockist page of Etty’s site for all locations.

    For the record, I wasn’t paid, bribed or threatened for my review! I bought the paste myself, and wanted to let you guys know what I thought. The fact the Etty is my friend, is just an honour, not an obligation x

    Cake Dutchess



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