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    Product Review: Loyal Pro 360 Turntable


    Those of you that know me, know I LOVE my Ateco 613 Turntable. LOVE it. Its smooth running, perfectly balanced, and single handedly the most important cake tool I have. Its also the most expensive. Thats even assuming you can get one shipped here to Australia, and if you aren’t familiar with shipping prices to Australia, set fire to your wallet, its basically the same.

    Enter the 360 Pro from Loyal Bakeware, an Australian company, based in Brisbane. Now I LOVE Loyal, and all their tips, but I had my doubts that their new turntable could be as good as the Ateco, so they sent me one to try.

    I was wrong.

    About the 360

    The 360 Pro is PERFECTION. It looks and feels exactly like the Ateco, Stainless Steel ball bearing base, beveled edge, and Aluminium table. And its readily available at most Australian Cake store already. Boom.

    Price? Yeah, quality costs money, and the 360 retails for about $140, which is a bit ouchy, but hands down, a really good turntable is one of my MUST HAVE tools.

    How does it handle?

    For real, this feels EXACTLY like the Ateco. It doesn’t jump, it spins perfectly smooth, and its good and heavy, so even pushing against a buttercream cake, it doesn’t twerk.

    The one recommendation I would make, is get your self a small piece of non skid mat (I cut mine to 5″ so it doesn’t get in the way of my board), as the turntable will stay still, but on polished Aluminium, your board will probably run away.

    If you need some more help Icing a Cake, check out my Tutorial.

    Should you get the 360, or the Ateco?

    Here in Oz, the 360 hands down. The shipping for the Ateco would just be horrendous, IF you could even find someone to ship them to you.

    If you are overseas the Ateco might be easier to get, honestly it just comes down to availability.

    Final Thoughts

    I’ve given the 360 a good test run, and I’m going to keep using it as my permanent turntable.

    It has a complete thumbs up from me.

    Viva La Buttercream xx

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