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  1. Hey Kerrie!Coming from a total cookie cooking novice..this recipe actually looks like I can have a try. Quick question tho (and I understand it probably depends on cookie sizes) but how long do you bake them for?

    • I usually bake for 10-12 minutes. I also have a conventional (base heat oven), so if you are using convection or fan forced, the time and temp will be less.

  2. Hi Im going to try your recipe today and I guess I can chill my dough in the fridge even before I roll it right? cause Im planing on making the dough and then later cutting the cookies and baking them. Thank you!

  3. Hi Patricia! I would actually roll it out, then chill it, then cut out your cookies, they hold there shape much better the less they are mucked with after they chill. Once you cut them out, out them straight into the oven, and roll out and chill and leftover dough before cutting more.

  4. My dough keeps breaking when i go to lift it up :(What am I doing wrong?I’ve had to keep it pretty thick so it doesn’t break off, but that means I’m only able to get like 10 cookies out of it.

    • That sounds odd? What I normally do is roll out the dough before I chill it, that way i just need to cut out the cookies once it has chilled, and I don’t have to work the dough any further, maybe try that?

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