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  1. Hi!! I was just printing off your recipe for your Vanilla Sponge Cake and the recipe has lines through some of the ingredients is there a reason for that or is it just my computer? I watched your video how to frost a cake with buttercream and sharp sides. I Loved it sometime i just need a refresher course!! I’m going to the Cake Fair in Orlando in Oct. for the first time, I hope to see you there!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us!! Sincerely, Karen

    • Hi Karen! No, its not your computer! Ever since I tinkered with my website, funny little quirks like that have popped up! It used to have a link that would let you search recipes by ingredient, but I just haven’t gotten around to fixing them all yet! Should be sorted soon! And be sure to some say hi at Cake Fair!

  2. Hi! Been watching allyour videos they are great! Having real trouble with my vanilla sponge cake… burnt bottomAnd sides.. i have a light tin and changed the heat etc.. all the usual stuff but it really is 50/50 sometimes it comes out ok sometimes not.. any ideas on how to improve?

    • Sounds like your oven is too hot? Maybe get hold of an oven thermometer, and check your oven temperature. If sometimes its ok, it suggests that its something that changes, and if your oven temperature is unpredictable, that could be your problem.

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