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    10 Devilishly Cute Halloween Treats

    Its almost Halloween! The holiday where you have to buy treats for kids that aren’t even yours! Bonus though, you can eat the candy they don’t eat/can’t find the next day. Winning.

    Now come Halloween, I flinch looking through my news feed. I’m a total sook when it comes to gore, and sadly I have uber talented friends that make super realistic zombies and innards * shudders *. So if you’re like me, and prefer the cute to the corpse, I have collected my favourite cute Halloween treats from the net to inspire your little monsters!

    Batty and brilliant! These Reese’s and Oreo Bats will fly off the table! Winged delight from Chelsea’s Messy Apron.

    I LOVE these! I’m such a big fan of taking treats you already have an updating them for the theme! How awesome do these little Monster Rice Crispies look?! Simple brilliance by One Little Project.

    One for the season instead of frights, well depends on how you feel about Pumpkin Spice I guess! A tall drink of awesome from the always awesome Liv for Cake.

    So clever! Mini Oreo spiders! Definitely more Lucas the Spider, less Arachnophobia, from the super clever Bird on a Cake.

    Eyeball cookies! Just creepy enough without making you loose your kibble. Gooey goodness from Lilluna.

    A slinky take on the Unicorn cakes, perfect for Halloween! Hope this cake has nine lives! Puurrfect party food from Ashlee Marie.

    Sure you eaten meringues, but have you eating a meringue that watched you do it?! Ghoulish good fun from Wilton UK.

    Swamp Monsters! Just like our Chocolate Spiders, but these ones have their eye on you… Super fun idea from Kidgredients.

    A brush with the hereafter! A sweet and spooky treat from my friend and rockstar Erin Bakes.

    I LOVE this cake! I saw it a few years ago, and just marvelled at hoe simple and clever it was! You can customise this with any cake or colour you like, its the little eyes that make it! Monster fun from Betty Crocker.

    What’s your favourite Halloween treat? Mine’s chocolate. Just chocolate. All of the chocolate…

    Viva La Buttercream x

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