Product Review: Over the Top Buttercream

Buttercream provided by Kware, for Over The Top

Before we start, can I just say how stoked I am that premade Buttercream has come so far. Not so long ago, premade Buttercreams, or products like it (that shall remain nameless), were either tasteless, or so horrible, that on a cold Winter's eve, you could still hear the ghosts of the joy that died when they were created. 

Now whether its all premade Buttercreams, or just the ones made in Australia that are knocking it out of the park (yay Aussie's!), I couldn't say. But this Australian made and owned Buttercream is kickin' butt and takin' names, for more reasons than one.


If how your cake tastes isn't your top priority, you need a stern talking to. You can always close your eyes if your cake is ugly, but a bad tasting cake will follow you like Blockbuster late fees.

Thankfully, this tastes GREAT. It is a shortening based Buttercream, so it has a heavier mouth feel than Basic Buttercream, but not that eating Vaseline straight from the jar feel. Its not too sweet, and  it has a nice Vanilla Flavour. Solid effort.

The packet does say that whipping it gives you a lighter result, so maybe if you are piping cupcakes you may wanna consider that, but I took it at 'straight outta the packet' face value. Because let's be honest, we're buying premade Buttercream for the convenience.

Chocolate Over The Top, piped with Loyal Bakeware 2D tip

Chocolate Over The Top, piped with Loyal Bakeware 2D tip

Did I mention it comes in Chocolate Flavour?? *clutches pearls*

You read that right, premade Chocolate Buttercream. Well that's Saturday nights dessert sorted *grabs laddle*


White Over The Top Buttercream, piped with a Loyal Bakeware 104W tip

White Over The Top Buttercream, piped with a Loyal Bakeware 104W tip

AWESOME. It pipes just like Basic Buttercream, and holds up really well in the heat (due to its shortening). Its also a crusting Buttercream (woot!), so you can paint it, texture it, and all the awesome things you can do with Basic Buttercream.

I had the opportunity to pipe with this at a Cake Show recently, with Russian Tips, and it was HOT. The buttercream held up beautifully, piped great, and even when it got soggy (from lots of hands), it still held its shape when piped.

Its winning feature?


Check out those colours!!!

Straight from the tub, in BRILLIANT colours. Which also blend perfectly, and take colour well too. If that isn't enough..

Black Buttercream!


That's right, premade BLACK Buttercream, and it has the same Vanilla taste as the White and colours, no weird after taste. Awesome.

The Round Up

Basic Buttercream will ALWAYS be my favourite Buttercream, but the convenience of a great tasting Buttercream, that comes in AMAZING colours, ready to use straight from the tub, is AWESOME.

Ideas for getting the best use of this Buttercream:

  • Buttercream Flowers (which can be frozen for up to 3 months)

  • For a final coat of colour on a Basic Buttercream iced cake

  • Stencilling or watercolour splashes.

It also says that it has a shelf life (unopened) of 12 months from date of manufacture, 3month after opening at room temperature, or 6 months in the fridge, so its ideal to have sitting around for emergencies. And of course, its made in Australia.

Available at all good Cake stores, and Spotlight stores here in OZ. To my knowledge, this Buttercream is in no way related to the Over the Top Buttercream available in the US.

Got a question I didn't cover? Comment below and I'll answer it!

Viva La Buttercream xx