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    Product Review: Americolor Gels – New Shades!


    Introducing the New Shades!

    As you would know, I’m a big fan of Americolor, so when I heard they had made some new colours, I was possibly excessively excited. And I must say, they are worth the excitement.

    The new colours are Moss, Eggplant, Wedgewood, Pumpkin, Cypress, Midnight, and Espresso.  I gave them a test as you can see below, adding one good ‘squeeze’ of each to Basic Buttercream, to get an idea of how the colour would look.

    As you can see, the colours are PERFECT for Autumn/Fall themed cakes!

    So what do I think of the Shades?


    An interesting Green, not unlike Avocado and Gold mixed together. Perfect for darker foliage, and tropical cakes.


    A really nice, strong purple, more red than blue, which as the name suggests, is a perfect match for Eggplant.  Also very nice in reduced strength, as a more indigo shade of pale purple.


    I was quite surprised by this gel, as it resembles paint more than gel, but still mixes perfectly. A good match for ‘Wedgewood Blue’, but also a really nice Sky Blue, certainly a more pleasing shade than the current Sky Blue, which tends to turn out somewhat neon in my experience.


    Well yep, Pumpkin. Pretty accurate Pumpkin colour, although a bit on the vibrant side for my liking.


    Ooh! This one is my FAVOURITE! Its kinda like Avocado, but not quite as green, and with a slight grey hue.  Stunning in full strength, and reduced strength.


    Super dark blue! Not unlike Navy, but a bit darker, and a slightly blacker blue. Also still really pretty at reduced strength. Makes a very nice pastel blue.


    Finally a proper dark brown! Perfect for vines, looks likes chocolate. There are no losers here.

    So how do they look?

    I put them to use in my new cake “Roses at Midnight”, which is iced with reduced strength Midnight, and textured with a silicone pastry brush.  The roses were piped with Maroon and full strength Cypress, and I used reduced strength Cypress for the larger blossoms.

    I used full strength Midnight for the small blossoms, and full strength Espresso for the vines. I also piped some Ranunculus in white, just to keep it light.

    So what do I recommend?

    I think they are all great, but I personally LOVE Cypress, Midnight, and Espresso. They are actually colours that I mix together regularly, so having them straight out of a bottle, fills me with joy! Perfect for Autumn/Fall cakes, and for warmer colour schemes

    Viva La Buttercream x

    9 thoughts on “Product Review: Americolor Gels – New Shades!

      1. You can get Americolor gels at most Cake Stores, however these colour are fairly new, so your local store may not have them yet. You can also buy them from Amazon, I have included an affiliate link in the post ?

    1. Hi thereTotally LOVE that cake and those colours! Love the effect with the silicone brush. Did you let it partly crust before roughing it up or do it straight away?Also, are there any tricks to sticking flowers on the side of the cake? I’ve really got into piping buttercream flowers in the last couple of years but have always been a bit too scared to put them on the side in case they are too heavy and fall off or slowly slide down (I’m in Brisbane, heat and humidity are major issues!) Would love to hear any tips, or should I just be brave and give it a go?

      1. Thank you! I textured the Buttercream before it crusted, using a wide ‘tooth’ silicone pastry brush, which gives a more textured look than a normal brush. As for sticking flowers to the side of the cake, I prepipe my flowers the day before, and let them dry overnight, uncovered in the freezer. Not only does this help them to firm up but it also dries them out slightly, which reduces their weight. As for humidity, yeah, not a lot you ca do about that! I keep my cakes in the fridge, and into aircon if they need to sit around at ‘room temperature’.

    2. I love the colors, but order them directly from Americolor. On Amazon they are $7.00 each…on the Americolor website they are only $2.25 each.

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