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    Why I love Buttercream

    Spend 5 minutes on any cake page, and you’ll see pages and pages of sharp edged fondant and ganache. So why then, if they are so popular, would I not only choose to specialise in Buttercream, but shout it from the rooftops?

    For the full list of reasons why Buttercream is the greatest thing ever, you’ll need to get yourself a coffee and a comfortable seat, so in the interest of time, let’s just talk about my favourite things about Buttercream.

    Buttercream is Sunday Cakes

    Who remembers Sunday cakes?  The cakes you would bake with mum, for no reason other than Sundays were for baking.  The house would be filled with the smell of butter and sugar, and if you were really lucky, chocolate. Dad will have already cut the grass on Saturday, so he’s hanging around the kitchen too, pretending not to want to lick the bowl too.

    Once baked, it was time to top your masterpiece.  No fancy or elaborate icings here, just butter and sugar, and whatever Queen food colouring you  managed to convince your mum the cake should be.  There was something so elemental about icing that simple cake with a simple topping.  Everyone wanted a slice, and no one gave a thought to perfection, but rather, affection.

    Baking for the people you love is not a new concept, but it is a good one. There’s something very special about making, and creating, and sharing.  For me, Buttercream will always be all those things <3

    Buttercream is for Everybody

    Cake decorating can be a pretty pricey hobby, between tools and ingredients, and that can hold a lot of people back from really diving in, and creating works of art.

    Basic Buttercream on the other hand is cheap to make, and creating buttercream masterpieces requires minimal, inexpensive tools.

    Whether it’s a haphazardly iced Sunday cake, or a striking work of innovative art, buttercream can do it all.

    Buttercream is Versatile

    As you can see in my work, there’s pretty much nothing that Buttercream can’t do, and if there is, I, or someone else that loves Buttercream, will find a way. You can, spread it, mould it, pipe it, paint it, colour it, carve it, sculpt it, imprint it, texture it, and that’s just the beginning.

    Buttercream is also an incredible base for flavours, colours and textures, from syrups, to compotes, to choc chips and nuts. As you can see here in my “Fall” you can even model with it!

    Spread the Love

    Buttercream is, in my opinion, the most versatile decorating medium in Cake Decorating.  Its inexpensive, its adaptable for allergies, and food intolerance, and its easy to make.Create something this week.  It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but if it brings a smile to someone’s face, even if it’s just yours, then it’s a true thing of beauty.

    Viva La Buttercream!

    6 thoughts on “Why I love Buttercream

    1. I personally enjoy the buttercream on a cake far more than fondant. I realize that you need to use fondant for certain types of decorating a cake but always have buttercream underneath.
      As decorators we need to master both types for sure but I love the soft look of a buttercream cake with a flurry of lovely piped
      flowers in many colours. I would say I am a buttercream girl for certain.

      1. I love hearing how much people love using Buttercream Rozanne! I’m not against fondant, but I’m also on a mission to show people that you can achieve the same results with Buttercream. Should be fun! I always love to see what people make, so feel free to post photos of your work to my Facebook page 🙂

    2. I’m definitely a buttercream girl too…well to a point! I love when a customer sends me one of my photos and says “I want that cake only could you do icing instead of fondant?” And i get to say it IS icing – surprise! Smoothed buttercream is what I do the most with fondant and gumpaste mixed in for decor. Here comes the -to a point bit – The piping bag and I don’t get along lol! One day I may just be able to rein in that beast and be able to come close to the awesome flowers and extras that you do with buttercream. For now I’ll sit back and enjoy seeing you do what you do so well! Kudos!

      1. Thank you Juanita! hang in there! It does take time to master Buttercream, but its so worth it! I would say too, while its good to watch others to learn techniques, try to develop your own style, by figuring out what works for you. You’ll be surprised how much more joy you’ll get from it ❤️

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