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    10 Wonderful Winter Bakes

    Baby, it’s cold outside! Warm those cockles with these stunning Winter bakes. Which one is your favourite?

    How cute is this piped snowflake cake from Wilton. They even have a tutorial on how to make it!

    How awesome is this?! What an amazing centrepiece this would be for the Christmas table! And then cutting in front of everyone to freak them out because the everything is cake now. Melting perfection from Food and Home.

    You had me at sprinkles! My ‘particular’ nature really appreciates the precise sprinkle placement. That’s definitely a trend I can get behind. Pastel Blue beauty by Sweet Treats Cochrane.

    Hey these have fruit, TOTALLY healthy! Eh hm, well not quite, but if you squint. Frosted berry cupcakes with Orange Mascarpone Buttercream by Frugal Mom Eh.

    I love this! What a simple but effective way to add some Christmas flare! Candy Cane awesomeness from Preppy Kitchen.

    What a stunning cake! Proof that dramatic Winter cakes will always be in style. Chocolate shard magistry from Bijou Sweet Treats.

    How good is a sweater you can eat! For the record, don’t eat non cake sweaters, that’s a bad idea. Epic level piping from the aptly named Roxstar Bakes.

    You had me at Cinnamon! How amazing do these Gingerbread Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting look? Christmas nomnoms by Eighteen 25.

    This is such an awesome idea! Love these Meringue Wreaths from Wilton. What a great gift idea too!

    My favourite Winter cake. I still remember the first time I saw this a few years ago, it stopped me in my tracks, and still takes my breathe away. Winter perfection from Amy Swann Cakes.

    What’s your favourite Winter recipe? I can’y go past Rice Pudding and jam!

    Viva La Buttercream x

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