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    Witchcraft 101: What is Witchcraft?

    Whether you’re feeling drawn to Witchcraft, you want to know more after watching a cool Witchy film, or even if you were taught to fear Witchcraft, its almost nothing like you expect. Straight outta the gate, let’s talk about what Witchcraft actually is.

    Witchcraft is a practice. It is NOT a religion.

    Witches can be Wiccan, Pagan, Christian, Muslim, Agnostic, even Atheist. Witchcraft in its most basic form, involves working with tools and intentions, to bring about desired outcomes. It doesn’t involve the Devil, Human Sacrifice, paying retail, or any other hideous deed. Sure, there are people that do those things, but thats not part of Witchcraft, that’s what they themselves chose to do.

    Also, hammering home the point that Witches are not necessarily Wiccan. Wicca IS a religion, which includes Witchcraft as part of its practice, so all Wiccans are Witches, but not all Witches are Wiccan.

    So how do I know if I’m a Witch?

    Witchcraft isn’t herpes, you can’t get it by watching ‘The Craft’ too many times. Witchcraft is a choice, a lifestyle, and more work than the Tik Tok peeps would have you believe. It takes study, patience, intention, and maturity, its not just making cool Spell Jars (even though yes, they are cool), its under standing how energy works, within us, and around us, and how to work with that for desired outcomes.

    Do you hex people?

    Some Witches do, I don’t. I chose to improve myself, and let whoever has wronged me continue in their life, hopefully learning to improve themselves also. For those that do hex, it takes a lot of control and intention, its definitely not a break up with your boyfriend at 5pm, get the girls together to hex him at 6 kinda deal. To quote the immutable Dianne Wiest in ‘Practical Magic’, “you can’t practice Magic while looking down your nose at it”. Magic isn’t a firehose that you turn on your enemies, and treating it so disrespectfully will end in disappointment.

    Does it bug you that every dang Cop Show shows a Pentacle and declares it ‘Devil Worship’?

    Heck yes it does. Like you wouldn’t believe. For a start, most Witches don’t even acknowledge the Devil as an actual being, ‘the Satan’ is a Judo-Christian construct, its not a part of Witchcraft. Secondly, actual Satanists don’t actually worship the Devil, they dig his “All for one and more for me” vibe, which while certainly a choice, once again, does not include human sacrifice.

    There’s no Witch ‘uniform’

    Outside of Hollywood, there’s no ‘standard’ dress for Witches. You don’t need to wear black, collect skulls, wear dark make up, even wear a pentacle. Those are all choices, they are not part of Witchcraft. I’ve been a Witch for 16 years, I hardly ever wear black, I collect stickers not skulls, and I’m mostly seen in some variation of sleepwear/loungewear rather than make up and robes. Wear what you like Witches. Except Crocs. Have some pride.

    Want to know more?

    Feel free to check out my blog for loads more info, but if you want to do some further reading (and if you take Witchcraft seriously you’ll do LOTS), here’s some books I recommend you check out:

    • Paganism – Joyce and River Higginbotham – A great explanation of most of the elements of Nature based faith and practice. No spells or set dressing, just a good, easy to follow reference.
    • Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs – Scott Cunningham – Pretty much anything by Scott Cunningham is a great reference, especially for beginners.
    • The Spiral Dance – Starhawk – particularly great for Women and people that identify as women. Goddess talk, feminism, and self power. All good stuff.
    • The Witches’ Path – Thorn Mooney – Thorn is awesome, she’s a thinking Witches Witch, all sense, no fluff. Love everything she does. Highly recommend.

    There are literally THOUSANDS of books out there, but they are a great starting place. Got a book/movie/song that changed your path? Share it below!

    Get out there and make some magic ✨

    Kerrie ✨

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